Ample Destruction






Track Listing

1) Licensed To Kill
2) Warfare
3) Symphony Of Terror
4) Harder Than Steel
5) Generally Hostile
6) The Watching
7) Interlude
8) Reign Of The Tyrants
9) Cardiac Arrest
10) The Crucifix:
I.The Possession
II. Suffer Unto Me
III. Apostles Of The Damned
IV. The Beast
V. Armageddon
11. Black Sunday – Bonus Track


Mark Briody – Guitars & Vocals
Harry Conklin – Vocals
Rick Hilyard – Drums
Joey Tafolla – Guitars & Vocals
John Tetley – Bass

Released May 2013 on High Roller Records
Format – Compact Disc, Vinyl, Colored Vinyl, Picture Disk

This deluxe reissue of Ample Destruction features a full remaster.