Casting The Stones






Track Listing

1) Feast Or Famine
2) The Mission (1943)
3) Vigilant
4) Achilles
5) Tempest
6) Legion Immortal
7) Battered & Bruised
8) Cold
9) Starlight’s Fury
10) The Hearkening
11) Precipice


Mark Briody – Guitars, Keyboards
Chris Broderick – Guitars, Keyboards
Harry Conklin – Vocals
Rikard Stjernquist – Drums
John Tetley – Bass

Released September 2004 on Century Media Records
Format – Compact Disc, Clear Vinyl

Casting the Stones marked the band’s final album with guitarist Chris Broderick. Broderick contributed several outstanding songs and lays down some blistering solos on the album. The album contains founding member Mark Briody’s favorite Jag Panzer song ‘Legion Immortal’.