chain high roller

Chain of Command






Track Listing

1) Prelude
2) Chain Of Command
3) Shadow Thief
4) She Waits
5) Ride Through The Storm
6) In A Gada Da Vida
7) Never Surrender
8) Burning Heart
9) Sworn To Silence
10) Dream Theme
11) Gavotte in D
12) When The Walls Come Down – Bonus Track
13) Battle Zones – Bonus Track Live


Bob Parduba – Vocals
Christian Lasegue – Guitars
Mark Briody – Guitars, Keyboards
John Tetley – Bass
Rikard Stjernquist – Drums

Released May 2013 on High Roller Records
Format – Compact Disc, Vinyl, Colored Vinyl, Picture Disk

The High Roller reissue of Chain of Command features an entire remaster, new artwork and the inclusion of a live track.