Thane to the Throne






Track Listing

1) Thane Of Cawdor
2) King At A Price
3) Bloody Crime
4) The Premonitions
5) Treachery’s Stain
6) Spectres Of The Past
7) Banquo’s Final Rest
8) Three Voices Of Fate
9) Hell To Pay
10) The Prophecies [Fugue in D minor] 11) Insanity’s Mind
12) Requiem For Lady MacBeth
13) Face Of Fear
14) Fall Of Dunsinane
15) Fate’s Triumph
16) The Downward Fall
17) Tragedy Of MacBeth


Mark Briody – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Broderick – Guitars
Harry Conklin – Vocals
Rikard Stjernquist – Drums
John Tetley – Bass, Vocals

Released May 2000 on Century Media Records
Format – Compact Disc, Vinyl, Picture Disc
Vinyl & Vinyl Picture Disc Versions are minus 2 tracks – “The Downward Fall” & “Tragedy Of MacBeth”

Reissued January 2012 on High Roller Records
Format – Blue Double Vinyl

Thane to the Throne was Jag Panzer’s first concept album. The band wrote the album as a soundtrack to Conklin’s lyrical adaption of the classic story MacBeth. Members of The Moscow String Quartet appeared on the album performing the Chris Broderick composed ‘The Prophecies [Fugue in D minor]’.