fourth original

The Fourth Judgement






Track Listing

1) Black
2) Call of the Wild
3) Despair
4) Future Shock
5) Recompense
6) Ready To Strike
7) Tyranny
8) Shadow Thief
9) Sonet of Sorrow
10) Judgement Day


Mark Briody – Guitars, Keyboards
Harry Conklin – Vocals
Rikard Stjernquist – Drums
Joey Tafolla – Guitars
John Tetley – Bass

Released August 1997 on Century Media Records
Format – Compact Disc, Vinyl

The Fourth Judgement marked the return of the Ample Destruction line-up (with the exception of Rikard Stjernquist on drums). This album was also the first of many albums recorded with famed producer Jim Morris. The band utilized a hybrid analog / digital recording process for this album. The drums were recorded on analog 2” tape while the rest of the instrumentation was record digitally. Guitarist Mark Briody served as assistant engineer for this release.