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I usually don’t pimp gear on the band website, but when I have a piece of equipment that gets stomped on, thrown and dragged around the world for 20+ years and still works like new, that deserves a mention.  I’m not paid to say this, nor do I get any cables for free.  I pay for them and they are worth every penny.  I’m a HUGE Spectraflex cable fan! – Mark Jag Panzer



This is what it looks like from the stage during an encore headlining a metal festival.  Guitarist Mark Briody wore a GoPro Hero on his head for the last couple of minutes of the Jag Panzer set at Keep It True in Germany.

High Roller Records is releasing limited edition splatter vinyl versions of Ample Destruction and Tyrants. Quantity is very limited.  Release date is set for the first week of February.

Jag Panzer guitarist Mark Briody has contributed a guitar solo on the song ‘Astronomical Minds’ by killer California metal band Dire Peril.  Mark’s solo is the one that starts at 3:58, but listen to the whole track!



Jag Panzer drummer Rikard Stjernquist has released a new album with his other band Benedictum.  The album entitled Obey, has a release date of November 29th.

Catch Benedictum live in Phoenix AZ at Joe’s Grotto with Faster Pussycat.